Why Tennis

There are many reasons to play tennis. Please read on to find out more!


TENNIS is a great form of physical activity. Here are a selection of health related points:


- Physical activity or TENNIS can help to maintain a child’s energy balance in order to maintain a healthy weight.

- Partaking in activities such as tennis stresses the bone which is importan for bone health. Research indicates that these active children have 5-15% more bone mineral density than inactive children.

- Physical activity can promote increases in good cholesterol.

- A healthy active child has a better chance of becoming a healthy, active adult.

- There is accumulating evidence that obesity and elevated blood pressure are appearing more and more in children. Physical activity can decrease these.


Playing TENNIS is a great way of providing social interaction for your child. Here are a selection of social related points:

- Evidence indicates that sport and exercise can provide an important arena for children to be successful because of positive effects on how competent they perceive themselves to be and also have a positive effect on their body image.

- Children can learn how to work in a team environment.

- They can learn the importance of co-operating with each other.

- It’s a great way of developing friendships!


Improving physical performance is an important part of the game of TENNIS. Here are areas which will improve whilst learning the game:

Agility: The ability to change the body’s direction with speed and precision.

Balance: The ability to control movement, whether static or dynamic.

Co-ordination: The ability to do 2 things at once in a controlled way.